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IDO Design is a company with over 25 years of experience in branding of office, commercials and residential buildings and solutions for wayfinding signage systems. We guarantee the achieving of a unique vision by matching new technologies, high quality manufacturing and comprehensive project management. Every product we execute is innovative, functional, developed from different materials like – wood, metal, brass, acrylic, PVC, LED lighting. We are developing numerous interior solutions in which we integrate audio-visual impressions through digital technologies. Moreover providing visual solutions for office and retail complexes,
shops, hospitals and financial facilities as well as hotels and restaurants is also a big part of the workship of ours. We have our own production facilities and printing department. Which allows us competitive prices and flexible delivery terms – key factors in tight deadlines. Our portfolio is formed up by amazing companies – from start-ups (newcomer) to market leaders – national but also international. Every collaboration teaches us something new and allows us to add value to every project we are involved in today.

how we work
Familiarization with the project, inspection of all architectural and structural features
Architectural photography
Meeting between client brief, ideas and implementation options
Conceptual design
We are creating a mind bridge between conception and reality
Schematic design
A detailed analysis of the industrial design, documentation and coordination for the manufacturing
Detailed design
Finalizing of the projects documentation
One step of manufacturing
Control while the implementation, quality, full elaboration and installation of the elements.
Management of the project
Project familiarization, surveying architectural and structural features

After getting familiar with the project documentation, it is necessary to take pictures of the dimensions of the site and its architectural and structural features. Accurate measurement saves future design and implementation errors.

We prepare drawings on which we discuss future layout and individual needs of each client. We offer the client different creative styles, color solutions and discuss all the brief requirements.

• Full analysis of submitted documentation
• Filming of the site
• Coordination with responsible persons and other contractors on
project (draftsman, main contractor and subcontractors)

• Site zoning
• Identification of key spatial areas
• Reference solutions and images

Meeting an idea, an effective project and an opportunity for realization

This is where we submerge ourselves in the ”big idea” and we furthermore start defining the overall framework of the project on, in terms of form, function, operational effectiveness and buildability.
We take a creative approach with an effort to translate the boundaries of our clients´ expectations to create amazing and recognizable concepts. But we also develop suggestions from which to select a design concept that is individual and distinctive.

• Looking up the global trends
• Preparation of initial designs and indicative budgets
• Coordination with other participants – draftsman, principal contractor, subcontractors
• After the projects approval – submit budget and linear schedule for implementation

• 3D modelling
• 3D renderings – photorealistic computer-generated images of the project solutions

Building a bridge between concept and reality

At this point, our design team begins detailing the design elements.
From the “big idea”, we begin to define multiple subordinate ideas that come together to convey the individuality of the project – spatial, zonal and ergonomic. We achieve the best possible design solution.

• Working conception
• Analysis of the costs
• Communication with the client

• Key elevations
• Key interior elements
• Specifications about the materials used
• Choose and specifications of the furniture
• Coordination

Detailed analysis of the industrial design, documentations, production coordination

At the detailed design stage we develop documentation drawings and material specifications, which are approved at the schematic design stage. We start with the key elements of the design and after evaluation of their costs, we make a selection of additional elements and materials that complement the costs within the set budget. The final result is a detailed set of drawings and material specifications that meet the overall layout and volume of the space.

• Selection of materials and their specifications
• Detailed drawings of the project within the approved budget
• 3D photorealistic renderings with the final selections materials and colors
• Coordination of the schedules

• Photorealistic computer-generated images of the project
• Drawings and specifics for proceeding to production

One step away from manufacturing

We are adding the next level of precision and refinement in the detailed design results, by taking any unique or atypical conditions of the site and reflecting changes by the client or budget framework.

The finished product is a detailed set of drawings which cover the overall layout and volume of the space – all elements and materials selected, coordinated with the client and the main contractor.

The project nomenclature is the basis for the implementation of all elements of the design, by us or selected by our subcontractor.

• Set of drawings
• Confirmation of costs

• Selection of furniture
• Coordination with consultants
• CAD and PDF blueprints

Performance control, quality workmanship of the elements and installation

We monitor the whole process of production, delivery and installation of the individual elements, performed by internal structures and when individual elements are outsourced to our partners.

At this stage, the project manager observes the quality of the installation. Decisions in changes are necessary in order to follow the project’s specifications.

• Presence on-site
• Quality control
• Coordination of deliveries
• Resolving tasks arising on-site

• Organizing deliveries
• Capturing of the fulfillment process
• Documenting the occurred happenings

case study


The projects phases:

UBB Member of the KBC Group
Sofia, Ring Mall
160 sq.m.

Architectural photography

Filming of the facility /photo, sizing/

Being familiar with the documentation of the site, we capture all the necessary dimensions and note the architectural features. We prepare a layout (architectural pad) on which we discuss layout options, functionality and specific requirements for a bank office. Furthermore we suggest various effective and creative solutions, keeping in mind the bank´s provided manual/brand book.

The result: After a fully implemented analysis of the documentation received, room dimensioning, meeting and coordination with the client – we identify the key areas and offer reference solutions. Moreover we also prepare sketch drawings.


Conceptual design

Meeting of idea, assignment from the side of the client and the possibility of realization

The “big idea” is now already a fact and it's time to define the overall project framework in terms of form, function, operational efficiency and buildability. By taking a creative approach, we create an individual, recognizable and modern solution for a bank office.

Result: After researching global trends for a modern and efficient bank office, we prepare a project and an indicative budget. We also communicate with the client. With a brave selection of an option, we prepare a detailed budget and a linear timeline for project implementation. For the convenience of the client, we create a 3D model of the site and generate photorealistic images of the approved conceptual design.


Schematic design

Building a bridge between concept and reality

Our design team develops the architectural elements. We drive into the “big idea” and define multiple subordinate ideas. These make it possible for the office to gain it´s personality – dimensional, zonal, ergonomic and tailored to the bank´s standards to achieve the best and most feasible solution.

Result: After determining the key elevations and elements, we prepare a specification of the materials and furnishing (furniture) to be used, present a cost analysis of the conceptual design prepared. Communicating with the client.


Industrial design analysis

Documentation, drawings, coordination

A complete documentation of the overall design and volume of the object's space is being prepared, necessary for coordination, execution, and its introduction into operation. Detailed drawings required for fabrication, a list of selected materials and specifications shall be prepared for each element of the project. 3D renderings are generated with the final colors and materials selected and budgeted. Final line schedules are made for turnkey fabrication and installation of site elements.

Result: Photorealistic computer-generated images of the site are prepared which after approval, mark the beginning of the production process. The financial framework is approved.


One step from manufacturing

Finalising project of manufacturing

At this stage we are creating working drawings. On the one hand, this gives the investor the opportunity to compare price offers and on the other hand it allows us to propose conditions adapted to his brief.

Result: Moving on to the management of the various processes – production, logistics, procurement and installation, overall monitoring in the implementation process.


Project Management

Quality control in production delivery and installation of the project elements

Control is the necessary assurance that performance is to the agreed project specifications. We supervise performance and make decisions when changes are needed. Nevertheless we coordinate what is needed with contractors and monitor the entire work process.

Result: Capturing the process of execution on site documenting changes that occur. Tracking delivery of projects according to the approved schedule.

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