ART Technologies: Hydrography & CLC Color Like Chromium


Hydrography – Water-transfer print

Hydrography is a water-transfering print, which is a coloring process with over 800 decorative foils to achieve various effects such as carbon, wood textures, metal coatings, marble, granite and others. All solid substrates are subject to treatment, including three-dimensional ones: wood, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastic, glass, ceramics, etc.

Hydrography finds the widest application for decorating car and motorcycle accessories.


Chrome-nickel color mirror painting (CLC – Color Like Chromium):

The process is a chemical process in which chemicals are applied in strict sequence, which tones the surface with a chromium-nickel effect.

The final effect is a mirror color coating in a diverse color palette (titanium, gold, copper, silver, non-ferrous metallic tones).

The described technologies are successfully applied for the production of interior and exterior elements, which give individual style and are an accent in office and/or residential spaces.

The combination of different materials, combined with innovative technologies for coloring, printing, engraving and illuminating ensures the impressive end result with a personal character.

We make author’s plaques, awards, interior elements, distinctive signs, interior and exterior decorations.

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