Since our foundation we believe that the socially responsible business is more steady and viable over time.

Therefore, for many consecutive years we have been supporting socially significant causes tailored to our values.

One of these cases is For Our Children Foundation, namely that every child deserves to have a family, not a life in the isolating social institutions. Since 2011, we have been supporting the Foundation by partnering it in social campaigns and events organized by it. Some of these events are “Fairy Dance”, “Evening of Virtues” and “This Christmas you make miracles happen“. We are glad that the whole team is fully devoted to every charity project and provides gratuitous support for the design of the overall vision, creative content and printing of the necessary materials.

One of IDO’s particular initiatives is “Donate through business partner“. It calls on companies from the corporate sector to be socially engaged in an easy way – by ordering their promotional materials from the agency, thus supporting the causes of For Our Children Foundation. The innovative mechanism of corporate social responsibility allows the companies to give their input without allocating extra budgets but using already budgeted funds for print and advertising materials. This is possible thanks to IDO , which will allocate 5% of the value of each new contract of a company which takes part in the initiative.

“Evening of Virtues” - the song of our children

Corporate Social Responsibility