No mirror – no positive reflection!

We are sure there is no house without at least one mirror in it! But are the standart mirrors good enough for every single interior design?! We are not going to answer directly to this question. What we are going to do is to tell you about our brand new project – “Mirror printing”.

The mirror is the only place where we can see ourselves from another point of view. There we make decisions and changes not only to our outfit or look, but also to our mindset and mood!

Imagine if every time you look at the mirror you see a favorite phrase or quote, that you don’t ever want to forget, such as “You do not find the happy life. You make it!” or “OMG! You look amazing!”. Now it is abdolutely possible, because we can print whatever you want on our safety glass and then make a mirror for you!

  • your size
  • your design
  • your personal product
Check it out!