I DO Design expands its portfolio with another innovation applicable in the interior of any office, public building and home.

These are PGS colored glasses, which in addition to bringing color and freshness to everyday life, are also an environmentally friendly solution as products with a minimum content of VOC /volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde/.

They are available in a palette of 16 as standard colors, and could be made to order in over 16,000 color shades according to Ral and Pantone catalogs.

Customers can choose between glass with a matte or glossy surface, smooth or with ornaments. Stained glass with antibacterial coating is also available.

The production process of PGS guarantees even application of lacquer coating by industrial machine application, as the glasses are subject to all necessary mechanical operations: drilling, cutting, edging, veneering and tempering.

The PGS products are a safety standard. They can have SAFE film added, which prevents individual pieces from falling apart when broken.

I DO Design offers its clients a comprehensive service for consulting, design, manufacture and quality installation, guaranteeing an impressive final results.

The PGS stained glasses can be used in both interior and exterior design.

They can be used to add color accents to the furniture /cabinets, wardrobes, tables/, in the cladding of bathrooms and kitchens. In addition, PGS stained glass is used successfully in outdoor conditions, for the construction of facades, railings on terraces or fences.

PGS stained glass is an excellent opportunity to add uniqueness and add mood to the office or home.

For more information please follow the link https://www.paintglasssystem.com/