Making impossible deadlines is our trademark but for this one, our team really had to step up its game. This ambitious large-scale project started in January and was expected to be finished by March the same year. We put the pedal-to-the-metal, and with the help of our partners at CollisionRTKL, proved once again that impossible is nothing. Days before the strict deadline, Paradise Mall had opened the doors to its commercial utopia and our custom-crafted visual communication navigated the eager crowds of visitors. It was time for celebration in Paradise, as IDO had broken its own record of quick and flawless delivery. Our comrades at CollisionRTKL were also happy with the result of our collaboration, having taken care of the signage for the project, while we dedicated our creativity into transforming the interior of this Mall into a real-life urban paradise. The final product stands out with its contemporary geometrical shapes and signature colors.