Signage and wayfinding solution are key tools for organizing information of both indoor and outdoor spaces. Their use enables proper access management in artificial environments (buildings and facilities).

Apart from their informative function, Signage also provides guidance for human movement and behaviour in different types of closed spaces (residential, public and industrial buildings).

This makes them a necessary interior component, including for administrative and office objects; educational, cultural and sports complexes; shopping centres; car parks; sanitary facilities and other areas with different uses.

A major challenge in the manufacture of these types of products is their primary purpose – to communicate information to a wide and diverse audience.

In addition to being impressive and durable, boards and signs must be sustainable in terms of technical and aesthetic architectural principles. This requires a more refined approach to their design and engineering.

Above you can view a selection of signage, orientation and wayfinding sign designs. We offer original designs and a variety of fabrication options in different materials – metal, wood, PVC or metallized plastic, with or without LED lighting.